Health and Safety

Rhino is committed to the health and safety of our employees, clients, sub-contractors and other all personnel with whom we share the job site.

Rhino maintains an effective Health and Safety Program that is audited annually in order to maintain a valid certificate of recognition with the Allberta Assocation of Safety Partnerships. Rhino also has an orientation program that is IRP 16 compliant and we are also members of ComplyWorks and ISNetworld. Adherance to Rhino's safety program is a condition of employment to all employees and contractors must also follow the same standard of adherance. Rhino employees are also expected to be good stewards of the environment, taking special consideration not to contaminate soil and groundwater. Rhino will also comply with all applicable municipal, provincial and federal regulations and legislation and clientele regulations. Safety and compliance are the second and fifth concern of every task at Rhino.